Zizzi Review

Check out my friends food blog. She was once dubbed the most allergic girl in Scotland, but is still managing to eat her way round the country!


zizzi logo

Zizzi is a nationwide chain of traditional Italian restaurants, with 10 restaurants in Scotland and dozens more across the rest of the UK. It’s owned by Gondola Group, which also owns the Italian restaurant chain Pizza Express.  While they have the potential to be viewed as dull or unadventurous, many large chains like Zizzi can be excellent options for people with food allergies as they have strict allergy protocols in place.

It’s for the same reason that I’m ever so slightly embarrassed to admit that I’ve been known to resort to McDonalds in all corners of the globe. When you’re in a foreign country with a limited grasp of the language, you can always rely on McDonalds to serve you the same, albeit pathetic looking and nutritionally lacking, hamburger and fries (apart from the time in New York when I asked for a plain hamburger and was handed the roll…

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