The Professor

A great blog exploring the many wonderful kind of people you can find in Glasgow. This particular post features my very own English literature professor! This year I took his course ‘Writing the English Revolution’, which focuses on John Milton’s political prose and that of his counterparts, and I’ve enjoyed every single week of it.

The Faces of Glasgow

Willy Maley, a professor in Renaissance Literature at Glasgow University for the past 20 years, was awarded the Inspirational Teaching Award by Glasgow University Student Representative Council last week.

Maley was one of 354 teaching staff nominated for the GUSRC Student Teaching Awards.

Charismatic, enthusiastic and down to earth are words that spring to mind after having witnessed him in action in my own lectures in English Literature. I remember when I saw that it was he who was taking the lecture, I’d make sure to attend, regardless of the content or book being covered.

“I feel great to have won the award,” he tells me. “The award was entirely unexpected but extremely welcome. I didn’t know I was nominated for it, or shortlisted till quite late in the day, and I actually had to rack my brains to think of ways in which I’d been innovative.”
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