‘Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry: “I will not accept online Misogyny”‘


An interesting article by Lauren Mayberry, lead signer of Chvrches, which ties in quite nicely with my blog post on freedom of expression: ‘Spotted – Insidious Societal Discrimination’.


2 thoughts on “‘Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry: “I will not accept online Misogyny”‘

  1. Why is having an online presence and getting lots of trolls misogyny?

    That’s like saying getting cut up in traffic is misogyny.

    People say a lot of stupid and hateful things on the internet. But they say it to men and women equally. Men are expected to just shrug it off. But thanks to feminism which strips women of all agency and depicts women as weak and feeble we are supposed to judge those same trolling comments as ‘misogyny’.

    Empowerment means NOT portraying yourself as helpless, oppressed, child-like victim at every possible opportunity.

    Stewart Lee- Internet comments

    • Hello again!

      I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one. Now, I know this is an assumption, but I’m pretty sure if you were to carry out a poll on the number of online comments received by men and women which can be deemed aggressive or violent (not simply hateful), the numbers received by women would probably out-weigh that of men.

      Putting that sweeping statement/massive assumption aside, having an online presence or being a troll isn’t misogyny. But threatening rape and getting a kick out of making that threat (why else would you post such a comment) is.

      As for feminism portraying women as weak, well that’s just not true, and if you think it is you should do some more research. Feminism is there, not only as a school of thought, but also as a form of activism. Based on the principle of equality, active feminists strive to help prevent all forms of discrimination and protect the most vulnerable whoever they are.To assume that feminism is just about women is naive.

      the word ’empowerment’ is problematic because, for me, it assumes a negative correlation (as you have demonstrated), so I personally try to avoid using it. It is also a word which has been used too many times to justify industries which are harmful towards both men and women.

      Again, thanks for your comment.

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